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Analyzing Handicap Football Betting and Big Team B

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harimacgai22 A��l�r Kutu G�r

Kay�t Tarihi: 30-Mayıs-2023
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  Al�nt� harimacgai22 Al�nt�  Yan�t YazCevapla Mesaj�n Direkt Linki Konu: Analyzing Handicap Football Betting and Big Team B
    G�nderim Zaman�: 15-Eylül-2023 Saat 06:43

In football betting, many people avoid placing bets on big teams because the odds (betting odds) are often very low, such as 1.10 or 1.20. While these individuals are aware of options like Handicap and Total Goals betting, they often hesitate and end up not placing bets, fearing that the odds won't be met or that there won't be many goals scored. In this guide, we will analyze an example season and explore what the results would be if bettors decided to invest their money in Handicap or Total Goals for big teams when they play as the home team.
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How to Play Handicap Betting in Football
To understand how to play Handicap betting, we need to understand the types of Handicap bets and the experience required for this type of betting.
Classifying Handicap Betting Levels
Currently, Handicap betting is categorized into basic levels:
Level Handicap (0.0): Also known as the draw no bet, where bettors choose the winning team, regardless of the score or goal difference.
Half Handicap (0.5): This is also called a 0.5 Handicap. In this case, the bookmaker believes that the upper team is stronger and will handicap the lower team by 0.5. There's no possibility of a draw, and it's quite common in major European leagues. If the handicapped team wins, those who bet on them win. If the match ends in a draw, those who bet on the handicapped team will receive half of their stake back.
Quarter Handicap (0.75 or 0.25): This type of Handicap betting is similar to 0.5 but offers more variations. For example, in a 0.75 Handicap, if the handicapped team wins by two or more goals, the bettor wins the full stake. If they win by one goal, the bettor receives half of the stake. If the match ends in a draw or the handicapped team loses, the bettor loses the entire stake. The 0.25 Handicap offers similar possibilities.
Predicting Based on Statistical Results
Looking at the example given above, it's essential to highlight certain events. Firstly, Barcelona is not invincible, as they were defeated at home by Valencia, a team that finished eighth. Additionally, they drew with Getafe, a team that was only in the 10th position.
Half of the matches (10 out of 19) ended with Barcelona winning by three or more goals. So, if someone had bet on "Barcelona with an Asian Handicap of -2," they would have been successful in ten matches. However, experienced bettors would avoid betting on Barcelona with such a handicap in matches against Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid, as those would be high-risk games for this market.
In the end, by betting cautiously and consciously, a bettor could have these results: "I won't bet on matches against Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. I'll achieve success and profit in ten matches where Barcelona plays against clearly weaker opponents. I'll receive a refund once (in the draw against Betis). Finally, I'll only lose in six matches (2-1 against Athletic Bilbao, 2-1 against Villarreal, 1-0 against Espanyol, 3-2 against Sevilla, 2-2 against Getafe, 2-3 against Valencia).
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With the Handicap betting option for Barcelona, when they won a match by a six-goal advantage, and two matches by a seven-goal advantage, you could earn a substantial amount from these excellent results.

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